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OLED kingpin Samsung could use Chinese OLED screens in Galaxy S30
Samsung’s Galaxy flagships have traditionally been fitted with OLED screens made by Samsung Display, and the arrangement has paid off in a big way over the years. In fact, the Korean firm has even supplied these panels to other mobile manufacturers such as OnePlus.

Now, a report from ZDNet Korea (h/t: SamMobile) asserts that Samsung is considering displays from Chinese manufacturer BOE for the early 2021 Galaxy flagships.

The report, citing display industry tracking firm DSCC, says the Galaxy S30 (or Galaxy S21, whatever the series is called) could be fitted with 6.67-inch flexible OLED panels from BOE.

“As competitors such as Huawei and Apple are planning to procure OLED panels from BOE, Samsung Electronics is considering panel price and cost,” read an excerpt of the report.

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This doesn’t mean BOE is all but confirmed to supply the Galaxy S30 screen though, as Samsung could end up sticking with an in-house screen anyway. After all, why strike a deal with another firm when your own company can offer what you’re looking for?

It’s believed that BOE’s OLED panels are cheaper than Samsung’s in-house screens. So Samsung could take this route for the Galaxy S30/S21 if it wants to rein in component costs. But what kind of message would that send to other Android OEMs using Samsung’s OLED technology? After all, its in-house OLED displays are ranked number one in terms of market-share and are considered the best in the industry.

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