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Highlight: Best app for investment

Hi, if you are looking for the best investment app, paint bounty ball paint blast splash shooter is the one designed just for you.

* It is the best attractive game – with the best revenue returns from the game * Paint bounty is the best virtual earning app * In just 4 months it has over 5K installs with 476 reviews, this speaks volumes of the increase in revenue that this app can bring about. * What is required to keep the app operational: Simply uploading/transferring the app to the store is enough * How does the app generate revenue? Unity - ads are integrated and smartly placed to increase the revenue. * Why are we selling the app? We are a developing team and our main aim to develop different games for sales. * Ads are integrated and smartly placed to increase the revenue * No payment hassle you can get this app from the app store, absolutely free of cost!

* What will we provide? We have got you covered! We will change the unity ad id of the games to the buyer`s unity ad id. We will transfer the games to the buyer. We will provide the source code, key store to the buyer. * This app can help you if you have been either laid off from work or having a hard time getting a job because of the global pandemic, you can definitely count on paint bounty: ball paint blast splash shooter. * * 100% possession of the app! * You will be owning all the revenues and profits generated from this app! * This app can help you generate a remarkable revenue and profit just by a little effort and apt marketing.

Claimed Monthly Revenue and Profit

Amount USDGross Revenue Net Profit Mar 20Apr 20 May 20+$0+$200+$400+$600+$800+$1kMay 20● Net Profit: USD $163




May 20




Apr 20




Mar 20




This app includes the following as standard:

PLEASE private message me I`m open for negotiation.

✮ NOTE: Only serious investors and buyers should bid on this auction. Be sure to perform all your due diligence before making an offer. If you want to make a personalized offer, you can always PM me on Flippa and I will evaluate.

Disclaimer: Please note that all sales are final and applications are as they are; therefore, do your due diligence before bidding. The app will be in your possession so we cannot be responsible or guarantee future profits. Revenue completely depends upon the Marketing efforts taken by the buyer. Don’t expect profit without marketing.