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Feeling fatigued and tired? Here are 5 foods you must cut out of your diet
Feeling fatigued and tired? Here are 5 foods you must cut out of your diet

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While work stress, life-work imbalance, and poor mental health could be some factors that affect our energy levels, the food we eat can also make us feel lethargic and lazy. Especially in the lockdown, even when everyone is having home-cooked food, it is not particularly healthy. If you feel fatigued and tired all the time, here are 5 foods you must cut out of your diet.

### Cookies, cakes and muffins

While a dessert after a meal sounds perfect, it might not be the best thing to do to your energy levels. Cookies, cakes, and muffins, made with almost the same ingredients that are refined and sugary can make you feel lazy. If you have a cookie after lunch, you are very likely to feel sleepy and unable to concentrate on your work.

### Refined grains

Rice, pasta, etc made with refined grains can make you feel low on energy and lazy. Have you ever noticed how after having rice for lunch, you feel extremely sleepy? What is worse is that these food items contain only carbs, which gives you a sudden rush of energy followed by an energy crash.

### Sugary drinks

A lot of people think that sugary drinks will help their energy levels since they are so rich in sugar and carbs. However, these drinks may do the same thing – give you a sudden boost of energy followed by a dip. These drinks also contain caffeine and can make you dependent on it.

### Coffee and tea

A lot of us begin our day with coffee or tea since it refreshes us and makes us feel so much better. However, needing a cup of tea or coffee at the beginning of the day just implies that you are not giving your body the correct nutrients and the right amount of rest it requires. Wiring your brain like that, where it depends on coffee or tea for the sudden boost of energy can be harmful in the long run.

### Alcohol

Alcohol does make one feel energetic for a short while, however, regular consumption of alcohol can cause serious health issues. Alcohol can also reduce your attention span and focus.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about any medical matter.

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