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25 Foods You Should Never Buy At Publix
We`re thrilled that Publix has announced the opening of a GreenWise Market in Marietta, Georgia, promising 25,089 square feet of natural, wholesome, organic products. We can`t say we`re surprised, however, considering the fact that Publix has long been known for its wholesome, high-quality choices and consistently ranks among the nation`s most beloved supermarket chains. (If you`re wondering which mega-market is the least beloved, we`ve got the scoop right here.) Plus, there`s that deli counter with those made-to-order "pub subs" that no one can seem to get enough of.

So, does that mean you can`t go wrong when you shop for food at Publix? Well, no, not exactly. While Publix is famous for its delicious, healthy choices, it by no means limits itself as such. In fact, you could definitely bring home some genuinely questionable Publix-branded products if you wanted to. Here are 25 of the worst foods at Publix.

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